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Since the beginning of this raffle campaign in 2009, The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation have been driven by the hope that we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by cervical cancer.  Stand with us as we work towards a future where cervical cancer is no longer a threat.

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Why Participate in Our Raffle?

Amazing Prizes

The Australian Cervical Cancer Raffle runs every 4 months. That is 3 times per year where you can win a car! By By purchasing a ticket, you are not only support a meaningful cause but also stand a chance to be rewarded for your generosity.

Community Building

Participating in our raffle provides a chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to promoting cervical health. Together we can amplify our collective efforts in the fight against cervical cancer.

Support Cervical Health

Proceeds from your raffle tickets go towards helping improve the lives of those people and their family who have been affected by this terrible disease. Education on the importance of regular screenings, vaccination, and early detection can save lives!

Spread Awareness

Your involvement in our raffle extends beyond the chance to win prizes; it's an opportunity to raise awareness about cervical cancer and its prevention with your friends and family! Keeping cervical health at front of mind.

Our Featured Story

Samantha and Kylie

Many people have asked ACCF to tell their stories, so the community is aware of the devastating impact of cervical cancer and how far-reaching it can be, like ripples when a stone is dropped into a pond, spreading amongst family, loved ones, and also friends too.

Sam shares the poignant story of her best friend Kylie’s battle with cervical cancer. The journey began with a devastating phone call in March 2017 when Kylie, diagnosed with stage IIB cervical cancer, faced 14 months of intense treatment. Despite enduring chemotherapy, radiation, and brachytherapy, Kylie remained resilient, never questioning “why me?” However, a PET scan in December 2017 revealed lung tumors, leading to more aggressive treatment.

The situation worsened when cancer spread to Kylie’s brain, resulting in surgery and radiation. Witnessing her friend’s suffering, Sam realised the inevitable loss. On August 1, 2018, they received the heartbreaking news that Kylie had only days left. Even in her final moments, Kylie’s concern was for her loved ones.

Sam says that Kylie told her during her fight that she wouldn’t wish this on her worst enemy. She was behind in her cervical screenings and told every woman she knew to keep up to date with them. There was also a period of six months in which she was seeing her GP due to symptoms relating to this, and it took them a long time to refer her to a specialist. Kylie wouldn’t want any woman to go through what she went through, and having watched it myself, I want to encourage all women to not only have regular screenings, but if something doesn’t feel right and your GP isn’t doing what you think they should, it’s your right to fight for a second opinion. Be pushy! It’s your life that is on the line.

Kylie pictured with her two nephews.