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Cervical cancer kills one woman every 2 minutes - more than 280,000 women worldwide every year.

“Cervical cancer should be an entirely preventable disease” – Professor Ian Frazer

Yet, cervical cancer kills more than 280,000 women a year worldwide – one woman every 2 minutes!

ACCF is committed to eliminating cervical cancer in Australia and in developing countries like Nepal and Bhutan where it is the leading cancer killer of women.

By supporting our work today you are helping us vaccinate girls overseas. To date, ACCF has vaccinated more than 116,000 girls against HPV – the virus causing 70% of cervical cancers.

Your generosity also enables us to screen and treat women as well as driving awareness of Pap tests – a big step forward given that 90% of women who develop cervical cancer have not had their regular Pap tests .

ACCF Crusaders support monthly and receive entries into each of our raffles at a discounted price.

Every four months we hold wonderful raffles to win a choice between a brand new Hyundai OR a holiday to one of the countries we do our life saving work in, getting your hands dirty and learning all about the culture and the country while you’re at it.

Every $30 we raise helps us provide the full three courses of the Gardisil Vaccine to a girl in a developing nation who would otherwise not have access to this life saving treatment.

$100 provides us with the funds to screen a group of 6 women for cervical cancer and supporting with an amount such as $300 can help us vaccinate an entire classroom of girls in a country such as Vietnam where free access to the vaccine is not available and cervical cancer is responsible for 1 death every 2 minutes nation wide.

You can support for as little as $10 each month, with the ticket numbers getting cheaper the more you contribute!


By purchasing tickets you confirm that you have agree to our Terms & Conditions and privacy statement

By submitting this form I understand I will be charged for the amount above monthly on the 21st of each month until I choose to cancel.

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